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Jitter Click Test

I understand you’re interested in improving your CPS score, but before I provide instructions on jitter clicking, I’m obligated to share some important information:

Jitter clicking can be harmful to your hand and wrist if not done carefully. Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) are a real concern, and it’s crucial to prioritize your health over achieving high CPS numbers.

Jitter clicking offers diminishing returns. While it can initially boost your CPS, the accuracy loss can outweigh the speed gain in many games and challenges.

Alternative click methods focus on accuracy and control. Butterfly clicking and drag clicking might be worth exploring as they prioritize both speed and precision.

  • Warm up: Stretch your hands and wrists before attempting jitter clicking to avoid injury.
  • Position: Hold your mouse comfortably, focusing on flexibility in your fingers and wrist.
  • Tensing: Lightly tense your forearm and finger, not gripping the mouse tightly.
  • Vibration: Initiate a small, rapid shaking motion in your arm, aiming to transfer it to the mouse button click.
  • Practice: Start slow and gradually increase speed while focusing on control and accuracy.
  • Take breaks: Limit jitter clicking to short bursts and frequently stretch your hands and wrists.
  • Remember: Prioritize your health and consider alternative click methods. Happy clicking, but click responsibly!

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